Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal - two new issues

Toronto, December 19, 2012
Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
We are delighted to announce the electronic publication of two new issues of Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal. The journal can be accessed at
Vol. 9:1 features:
Jewish Women in Sicily before 1492 
Angela Scandaliato, and Arthur Graham
The Poetics of Horror: Representations of Violence Against Women in Israeli Women's Literature 
Shai Rudin
Biographical Essays
Nina Salaman: "The Fusion of the Old Judaism with the Modern Western World"  
Shira Koren   

Conference Presentations
"Wonder Woman, a True "Woman of Valor?” It’s a Man’s World (Pérez 1992)      
Dina Dahbany-Miraglia        

A Note on the Context of the Phrase “Women are Temperamentally Lightheaded” in BT Kiddushin 80b    
Shayna Sheinfeld        
Book Reviews by Rivka Chaya Schiller, and David J. Zucker
Fiction- Short Stories Judy Weinryb
Fiction-Poetry Gili Haimovich
Vol. 9:2 features:
Rethinking the Book of Esther: Feminist Hermeneutics and Shechinah Theology in the Poetry of Amy Levy         
Luke Devine   
Giving Voice to a Matriarch: Leah in Contemporary Israeli Dramatic Monologues  
Anat Koplowitz-Breier           
Biographical Essays
Olga Benario Prestes: The Cinematic Martyrdom of a Revolutionary Jewish Woman and the Reconstruction of National Identity in Luiz Inácio "Lula" da Silva’s Brazil 
Tzvi Tal          
Images and the Duty of Memory: The Survival of a People Due to Their Spirit (1957) by Fanny Rabel      
Dina Comisarenco Mirkin     
Entertaining Esther: Vamp, Victim, And Virtuous Woman   
David J. Zucker          
Zipporah and the Brit Milah: A Woman Circumciser 
Moshe Reiss   
Book Reviews by Rivka Chaya Schiller, David J. Zucker and Marilyn Herbert
Fiction - Short Stories Beth Kissileff
Fiction-Poetry Mori Glaser

Click on the following links to access the new issues: Contact information:
Dr. Dina Ripsman Eylon, Editor-in-Chief
Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal
8000 Bathurst St, Unit 1
Thornhill, Ontario L4J 0C6 Canada
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yiddish Goes Digital

Yiddish Goes Digital (with a Little Help from Its Friends)
Crowdsourcing Project Will Create Transatlantic Labor History Archive

ITHACA, N.Y. (Nov. 27, 2012) 

Do you know Yiddish?

An innovative new project is seeking Yiddish-speakers to help create an archive of journals and newspapers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Two archival repositories — the Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives at Cornell University in the United States and the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom — are jointly digitizing more than 1,500 pages from journals and newspapers originally written for working-class Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.

They are relying on individuals’ help to translate the publications, which include The Polish “Yidel” and “Hashulamith” newspapers and “The Ladies’ Garment Worker,” journal of the International Ladies' Garment Workers Union and cover the period 1910-1918. As the project continues, more items in Yiddish relating to labor and particularly the garment industry, will be added continually as pages are transcribed. 

Participants in the project simply register, select a journal and type translations into a text box. Perfect translations are not required; an overall sense of the documents and the content is more important.


After pages are digitized and translated, they are available — free and completely searchable — on the project’s wiki. Recently translated passages show up right next to their scanned pages.

See the whole article at