Thursday, July 16, 2009

Journal of Religious & Theological Information

Call for Papers: Journal of Religious & Theological Information

The Journal of Religious & Theological Information is a peer reviewed journal published by Routledge and focused on the selection, organization, dissemination, digitization, and preservation of information within the context of religious studies and related fields. By "information" we refer to both print and electronic, and both published and unpublished information (e.g., archives and special collections). JRTI is pluralistic in scope, and encourages submissions from a variety of religious perspectives. For more details see

Volume 7 (3/4), which is currently in press, will include the following articles:

* A historical study of young adult literature and American Protestantism
* Kurdish Authors in Islamic Biographical Dictionaries
* Internet Resources for Orthodox Judaism
* The Use of Religious Archives for Non-Religious Purposes
* Religious Studies Collections and Information Literacy

Submission are accepted on a continuing basis. Send queries, ideas, and manuscripts to Mark Stover, JRTI Editor, at